Friday, September 20, 2013

Year of the Playstation

Let's be honest, this generation of consoles hasn't been the best for Sony. PS2 was the most popular console until the Xbox 360 came into play in 2005. When the PS3 surfaced, things were rough....really rough. An expensive machine that seem to have issue after issue along with the various bundles they offered.

Fast forward to now and PS3 is outselling Xbox 360, not by much though. Sales have sharply declined for the big companies due to anticipation for the Xbox One and PS4. Sony seemed to learn from it's mistake in 2006 and is using all of Xbox's flaws to it's advantage. For instance, Xbox One price at $500 so PS4 only hours later announced $400 for its black box. Take that Microsoft! Xbox must always be connected to internet, not for the Playstation. Microsoft would later change their minds on the connection to internet requirements after huge amounts of feedback from consumers.

What's truly promising is the newly announced PS VitaTV. Sure it plays Vita games on the big screen, but that's not even the best part. You can stream your PS4 games onto a TV that is connected to PS VitaTV (They really need a new name for that). Imagine you're at home when your boyfriend/girlfriend walks into the room and wants to watch a movie. You happen to be playing "Watch Dogs" on the particular TV with your PS4. With VitaTV connected on another TV in your house, you can pick up where you left off in your game. They get to watch their movie and you get to play your game...everyone wins.

Playstation is off to a great start. The fact that it's coming out earlier in the states is a bonus for them as well. Will Playstation win this next-gen console war? What do you think?


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