Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What does the "C" and "S" stand for?

By now you may have heard about what the big A announced yesterday. Not one but TWO new phones. I say new very carefully though, let's break it down.

iPhone 5S
If you're familiar with iPhones of the past, you'll know this is typical Apple style. Update the processor, camera, and networks and BAM, the new iPhone. Another new addition to this generation is colors. The 5S can be yours in silver, a champagne gold, and space gray? Ignore the lack luster name for it, the device looks gorgeous. Oh ya, probably the biggest new hardware feature is the fingerprint sensor in the physical home button. Just press down on it to unlock your phone or make purchases in the App Store. It's a unique idea that I'm unsure about. I like the security aspect and ease of just scanning my thumb rather than remember a billion passwords for all my services. Apple assures consumers that it won't save the print in the cloud or on servers, just on the device. I can't help but wonder...what if though.

iPhone 5C
Cheap, color, crap....what does the "C" stand for? The long rumored "cheaper" iPhone is a real thing. I have to say, this appeals to me more than the 5S simply because of what it is. It's an update iPhone 5...yep, that's it. Enhanced camera and bigger battery, but all said it's iPhone 5 all around. I've watched several videos and read other tech sites about the feel of the cheaper poly-carbonate body and they're all impressed by the build. I can't wait to put my hands on it to see how "iPhone" this new one feels. With "C" possibly meaning color, it does come in five of them. Blue, pink, green, yellow, and white. I personally like the green one the most. Reminds me of the Hulk.

Now onto my rants...brace yourself
I think iOS7 looks ridiculous. You know what they say, looks can be deceiving. So until I get my hands on it September 18, I still think it looks like Hello Kitty on steroids. iOS7 will now include Pages, Keynote, Spreadsheets, iMovie, and iPhoto...after I paid $4-$10 each app not even a year ago? Come on...bad Apple. I was also sad not to hear anything else like updates to Macs, iPods, or even a date for the Mac Pro release. I really wanted that "one more thing" to happen and it never happened, minus a musical performance that last longer than anything else. Felt like Christmas morning waking up to a stocking full of coal.

That said, Apple is going to have another event in October where we should see, hopefully, way more updates to everything. iPad Mini with Retina Display is still on my radar. I'd also love a new MacBook Pro with new Haswell processors for extended battery life. Perhaps even a glimpse at iWatch...just needs a better name. I'm not upset with Apple, I'm just ready for the next thing to wow me.

What did you think of Apple's Keynote? Is iOS7 ground breaking or simply breaking? What else do you want Apple to do? Leave a comment down below and don't forget to answer the poll over there >>>>


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