Friday, September 30, 2011

Change of plans!

Ok so for today, the last day of September, let's not talk about the Playstation Vita like I originally said I was going to do.

Earlier this week Amazon announced their new line-up of Kindles! Now, to be completely honest, I think the e-reader craze is over! However, that being said, Amazon did unveil a nifty piece of technology known as the Kindle Fire. That's right another tablet in the market! Very similar to the Blackberry Playbook (because it's made by the same folks, same parts, etc) the price is the only thing that's DRASTICALLY different! At $199, there's a lot to like about FIRE. The price is attractive to anyone who hasn't already adopted or picked a side in the large and vast market of the tablet industry.

It's a basic tablet, 8 gigabyte memory, smaller screen, and no 3G capability....yet. It's got the processing speed to run the usual apps, Angry Birds of course. It is an affordable competitor against such juggernauts like Apple's iPad 2 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab. In this battle though, price doesn't win against features and capabilities. You pay a little more and you get A LOT more back. With the amount of apps and other features like the iPad or a Galaxy tablet have, the Fire just doesn't come close.

Don't get me wrong, I want to like the Fire, I really do! I just think this is something that Amazon put together last minute just to join the market. Plus Amazon now has three models of the Kindle. Kudos to you Amazon! They definitely are the leader of e-readers, with that said though, I still feel like e-readers will be done in a couple years. That's just me. What do you think? Is it time that everyone stops with the e-readers and focus primarily on multi-purposed tablets? Or do people still like to read on screens that look like books? I'm just curious, and again that's just my opinion.

On to a different topic, not related to mobile technology. I read this story on G4TV and I followed it on another site. Apparently, a grown man chocked a 13 year-old kid because the kid was "baiting" him over the voice chat feature in a video game! Here is the link of the story if you want to read it Wownews

That's it for this week. Reply back to me for topic ideas for next week or just for the support! Thanks!