Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A bittersweet bite out of the world Apple

Apple's legendary keynote addresses introduce the world of new technology to the world every year, sometimes 2 or 3 times a year. Today however was the day everyone waited for, iPhone 5. Surprise surprise, we were giving the new model.

iPhone 5 sports a larger screen, thinner size, better processor, better camera, and LTE support...about damn time. If you had followed the tech hype, you would note that this new phone is the exact same design as the leaked photos and video all over the web. This is a shocker, at least to me anyway. When the iPhone 4 was leaked prior to it's release, it was a fluke by an Apple representative. They carelessly left the phone at a bar and the phone was sold to Gizmodo for an outrageous amount of money. Steve Jobs even jokingly said at the keynote for the iPhone 4, you've all seen it already. This new iPhone is exactly what the pictures and videos showed. No all new product design, just exactly what was online. It's rather a shame personally. It's unlike Apple for the companies secrets to see the surface before a keynote. I think Jobs would be very upset if he knew what was happening with his company that he started.

It wasn't just iPhone upgrades, welcome the new iPods. Shuffle, nothing new, moving on. The Nano is back to an actual larger screen and back with video playback. I loved the 5th generation model. It did everything and was very thin. This idea is on the 7th generation, however; I personally think it looks like a Nokia Lumia and Sony PSVita met the iPod and had a nasty threesome. The user interface is now circled bubbles, like the Vita, very unlike Apple. I do like the touchscreen, I wish they brought back the camera. Also, I like the controls on the side. That said, the overall Nano is not a pretty package. Not to imagine the 80's color scheme they chose is awful. iPod touch get the 80's paint job as well. It share's the larger screen just like the iPhone 5, better processor, and Siri. I've always like the touch, it's an iPhone minus the phone. The addition of Siri is a great touch (nice pun.)

My main and most particular issue with this keynote was the introduction of the new dock connector named "Lightning." This is a bad, bad, bad decision. Especially after Apple agreed to the FCC's wanting a universal dock connector. As other competitors moved to the micro USB format, Apple takes a U-turn. Apple knows that consumers will have to buy new accessories and other products for their new goodies. I doubt it makes a significant difference compared to the standard 30 pin connector. Companies will make the products and consumers will still buy the stuff, it's just sad that Apple went back on it's support for the universal connector.

It seems like I'm bashing Apple for the announcements and products from this keynote. I still love my iPad, even though the current iPad and future iPad's will switch to the Lightning connector. I'm also always attached to my MacBook Pro. I know they make great products. I use Apple products for there reliability and functionality. I'm not saying the new ones aren't. I just believe that this is very unApple. I feel like they rushed to make these products just because consumers demanded new products. I know what Apple is capable of and this isn't up to par. It doesn't even matter either way, consumers will buy the goodies and Apple will make a shenanigan ton of money. It'll be interesting to see where this leads Apple.

Check out CNET for more info on Apple's keynote. I'm curious what you think, leave your comments below. I don't want to have a debate about it, just want some other opinions or views.