Friday, August 9, 2013

What's up Moto

Just pre-ordered my Droid Maxx and I'm really excited. Worth the $300 price tag? Probably not. Especially for the specs of the device, but if you consider that 3500mah changer.

That's what your paying for here with the Maxx, a massive battery. Motorola is claiming 48 hours of "light" use....that's insane with today's smartphones.

I wish AT&T didn't have first dibs on the MotoMaker for the upcoming MotoX. That would've sold me right there. Over 500+ custom options for your phone, "Designed by you" as Motorola put it. It's an interesting concept and should be a key selling feature for that device. It'll probably convert die hard iPhone users...not drastically by any means.

In the end, I love tech, always have and always will. I want a new Nexus 7, new MacBook Air, PS4, new car, and the list continues. So I splurged on my phone, after all, I'm going to be on contract for the next two years with this thing. I better like it right?