Thursday, February 27, 2014

I wish I was in Barcelona this week!

Not only is Mobile World Conference this week, it's also in Spain...which has to be better than being in cold cold cold Kansas!

So what were the big points at MWC? Huawei is making more of presence than ever before. They have some appealing pieces of tech it's just going to be hard for an unknown or not well known brand make a splash in the crowded market for US consumers.

Nokia and their Android phone are official! It's going to be the in-between line above the Asha series but below the Lumia line, known as Nokia X. They're similar in design with their current phones in the market....just Android. My only issues is that it doesn't have direct affiliation with Google service or the Play Store. It's all inclosed with it's own store or Microsoft services. Which is the BIGGEST issue! Microsoft...on an Android device? It'll be interesting to see if the big M keeps the X line around. Microsoft is in works of owning Nokia mobility. We'll need to let this play out. I hope they keep it and see that Android is clearly superior than Windows phone, my opinion anyways.

Now let's get rid of the elephant in the room....Samsung. Oh how I loathe thee. The S5 is official, however I don't think it's fair to call it the next Galaxy S phone. It's more like, the S4s. That's right, I said it. Minor spec bump and some new hardware but nothing drastic. They copied Apple....again. Will anyone use the heart rate monitor on the back next to the flash? If you're silly. It's a gimmick. The fingerprint reader on the home button will be useful, if they link it with more mobile payment services besides PayPal. Then there's the fake perforated leather backing. Just make an all metal phone! It's more higher end.

The real show from Samsung was the Gear Fit. This is what a smartwatch should be! Just rotate the icons to go with the way you'd view a watch, and it would've been perfect....and add the telecommunication things that the Gear 2 has, then it would be AWESOME!

MWC had some hits and misses. The biggest thing that I got excited for was....the 2015 Ford Focus. Ha! Updated interior and the Aston Martin esque grill hit the Focus and it looks good!

What did you like from MWC? Any big news that surprised you? Hit me up in the comments!


Friday, February 21, 2014

MWC-Hola Mobile

Mobile World Conference is just days away!

What to expect? Samsung will most definitely unveil the Galaxy S5. Now if you know me or read my past posts, you know that I hate Samsung hardware. I'm hopeful that they finally step their game up to more high end materials. Also, all the talk of a more "simple" TouchWiz skin is good news. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm also hopeful for HTC's successor to the One. Sure, it's not going to be officially debuted at MWC, but shortly after it will. Thanks to @eveleaks, we've seen some legit images of the device. I've always been a fan of HTC hardware. The successor might look like the current model, and that's okay. It's a beautiful piece of technology. I'm just a stock Android kind of guy. Sense doesn't appeal to me. I suppose I could use Nova Launcher on it or something. Hmmmmm....haven't thought about switching my daily driver.

Nokia is also rumor to release the Nokia X or Project Normandy. With no access to the Play Store, this will be a hard sell to more developed markets. It's not targeted for those markets though. It's a low-range device for developing markets. I love Nokia! My first phone was a Nokia 3589i. This thing was awesome! I have a soft spot for Nokia, it's just a damn shame that they went with Windows. Especially since Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Nokia.

What do you think? Is it too late for Nokia? Should Microsoft give up on Windows Phone? What are you excited to see at Mobile World Conference? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!