Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Month For Apple

Well it's end of the second week of October and it has already been quite an eventful month for Apple.

October 4
Apple has their keynote address, where they announced.....nothing new! Sure there is the iPhone 4S and now a white iPod touch, but that's it. I'm intrigued why they didn't unveil anything redesigned or brand new. This is the first time in 10 years were nothing was redesigned or new tech was announced. I will say price cuts on the iPod and iPhone models is very good news however. I'm also intrigued by the iPhone 4S' "Siri" technology. A personal assistant that doesn't just listen to your commands, it knows what you mean to say! Watch the full keynote for a demo at Apple's website. The new iPhone also has an upgraded processor and enhanced camera, nothing major, but worth noting.

October 5
Steve Jobs former CEO and newest member to Apple's board passes away. Already covered this in past blog posts. Still unfortunate to hear about this.

October 12
iOS 5 was released on iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads! I have it on my iPod and iPad and I'm loving it. Notification center is a great way to manage all my tweets, notifications, weather, stocks, and on iPhones it manages texts and voicemails! There are so many additions to iOS that I can't cover them all but check it out at Apple's website. Watch the videos!

It's so busy for them now, I wonder how the rest of the year will be like for the folks at Apple. Let me know what you think! You liking iOS 5? Getting iPhone 4S? Leave a comment below!


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