Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IFA = I'll Forget After

So Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3 and the long rumored Galaxy Gear. To be frank, I'm not impressed...yet.

The Note 3 is a bigger screen, better spec, and has wacky features that Samsung strongly push. For example, TouchWiz is a joke. If they would put pure Android on they're products I would be on board. Samsung also packs in all the gesture features as seen on other Galaxy products. Scrolling with your eye movement, swiping pages with your hand, turning away and your video pauses, etc. Those appeal to some people but not me.

Also, all their products feel cheap and plasticy....all of them. To change that they put a fake leather back on it...what? I would think that would wear off, fade, come off, or whatever so quick! I would have to buy one of those wallets or elegant cases they showed off. Granted, the view screen wallet case is cool, I like that one. It is convenient to take a picture, answer a call, or see a message without having to unlock the screen and go into the app.

Now how about the S Pen...gross. Just let the consumer use a stylus if they want, don't lock in additional features with the dang pen. I have never seen anyone go "Oh, let me jot this down real quick" with the S Pen.

Galaxy Gear....promising but it has a long way to go. I despise the camera on there. I personally think it allows pervs to be more pervy. I can see a safety factor there too though, like taking a picture of your kidnapper or a license plate if you're caught in a hit and run. It's also MASSIVE on the wrist. I think the sixth generation iPod nano had the right size. I do like how you can have a phone call through it, but I don't want to hear another person having conversations over speakerphone. I don't like it with a regular cell phone and I most definitely won't like it in this form.

Samsung is innovating and progressing, that's good and that's needed in a "dry" technology field currently. I just feel like they crammed some things together real quick just to be ahead of team Apple. Apple is up next for big tech products conference. We'll see what happens. iPhone 5C and 5S are for sure but what else Apple? Step up and "woo" me.


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